Julia’s socks

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by Clara Beauty

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1 skein of Sock Superwash (Da Fazenda. 100% Polwarth superwash. 100g / 380m)
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Needles 2,25mm

32sts = 10cm


Cast on 64 sts. Join to work in rounds.

Work in k1-p1-ribbing for 18 rds.


rnds 1 to 6: (*p2, k4* five times, p2) twice.
rnds 7 to 12: (*k3, p2, k1* five times, k2) twice.

Repeat these 12 rds four times (or as much as you think it’s needed for your socks).


Next round, put half of the stitches on hold.

Working flat (back and forth) in the other half, do:

rows 1, 3 and 5: *p2, k4* five times, p2.
rows 2 and all even: knit the k and purl the p.
rows 7, 9, 11: *k3, p2, k1* five times, k2.

Repeat these 12 rows twice, then work rows 1-8 once more. (32 rows total)

Next row, sl1pw wyib, k22, ssk, turn.

Then, sl1pw wyif, p12, p2tog, turn.

row 1: sl1pw wyib, k12, ssk, turn.
row 2: sl1pw wyif, p12, p2tog, turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 14sts in the middle. Finish with a wrong side row.


K 14 sts, then turn you sock 90º clockwise, pick up and knit 16 sts. Then, work pattern stitch in the instep sts. Turn your sock again, pick up and knit 16 sts in the other side. K7 and place a marker. This is gonna be the beginning of your round, in the middle of the heel.

round 1: in heel sts, k up to 3 sts before instep sts, k2tog, k1; work instep sts in pattern; in heel sts, k1, ssk, k up to the marker. (2 decreases)

round 2: k, working instep sts as stablished in pattern.

Repeat these 2 rounds six times more (until you have the same amount of sts you had in the beginning).


K sole sts and work instep sts in pattern until desired length.


Decrease round: k up to 3 sts before instep sts, k2tog, k1. Then, on instep sts, k1, ssk, k up to 3 sts before heel sts, k2tog, k1. On heel sts, k1, ssk, k up to the marker. (4 decreases)

K next round.

Repeat these 2 rounds until you have 16 sts total (8 on instep + 8 on heel). Transfer your stitches onto 2 dpns and close with grafting st.



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