Fifi Mittens

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Fifi Mittens

by ClaraBeauty

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Luva fifi 1 Luva fifi 2

Yarn: 1 skein of DK Superwash (Da Fazenda. 100% Ideal wool superwash. 100gr/ 290m). You’re gonna use approximately 110m/38g.
Needles: 3mm (dpns)
Notions: 3 markers; darning needle for finishing

Woman (adult)

Gauge (St-st, not blocked)
26sts x 38rds = 4″


knit k / knit

cddcdd / central double decrease

yo yo / yarn over

m1 – make one (increase)

Picot bind off
Step 1: Using the knitted cast on, cast on two stitches in the left needle.
Step 2: Bind off four stitches.
Step 3: Place the stitch that is on the right needle back onto the left needle.

Cast on 40sts and join to work in rounds. Place a marker to indicate the beginning/end of the circle.

Divide sts that way: 16sts on needle 1, 8sts on other three needles.

Purl first round.

Start working pattern stitch.

luva rendada da fazenda

rnd 1: *yo, k2, cdd, k2, yo, k1*.
rnd 2 and all even rds: k.
rnd 3: *k1, yo, k1, cdd, k1, yo, k2*.
rnd 5: *k2, yo, cdd, yo, k3*.
rnd 6: k.

Repeat rds 1-6 four times more (5 times total).

Hand and thumb
Now that the cuff is done, you are going to knit all sts except those on needle 1, where you have to keep working the pattern stitch.

Knit 2 rds (don’t forget to work st pattern as stablished).

Right hand: next rnd, work sts on needle 1, k4, place a marker, m1, place another marker, k to the end of the rnd.

Left hand: next rnd, work sts on needle 1, k to the last 4 sts, place a marker, m1, place another marker, k4.

From now on: (for both hands)

rnd 1: k to the marker (working stitch pattern whenever it’s needed), sl m, m1, k to the next marker, m1, sl m, k to the end of the rnd.
rnd 2 and 3: k (working stitch pattern whenever it’s needed).

Repeat these 3 rnds seven times more, when you are going to have 17 sts between your markers.

Next rnd, k to the marker, sl m, p17, sl m, k to the end of the rnd.

Then, k to the marker, sl m, make the picot bind off (8 picots total) in the next 17 sts, remove second marker, k to the end of the rnd.

Next rnd. k to the marker, remove marker, k2tog (to close thumb gap), k to the end of the rnd.

Again you have 40 sts on your needles. Work as stablished for more 15 rounds.

Purl one round.

Repeat picot bind off.

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